President's Message - Feb '24

President's Message,

Are You, Are We Taking Your Membership to the Next Level?

As our members, you keep our association going strong. Thank you! So, doesn’t it make sense to provide you with a member experience to help you feel connected and loyal to the MBCEA? Our association exists for the professional advancement of you, and our industry. Let us look at a couple of different ways we would like to continue and expand engaging you, our members while providing more of the benefits you seek, you deserve!


Delivering More Opportunities

We are growing a thriving online community, a place to go to network, discuss topics of interest, share information, and find answers to your questions. First up is this newsletter. Did you know you can sign up all your employees to receive their own copy? (

Sasha does a great job curating articles and information unique to us and our industry, why not share the wealth… of information with your people. There is no better way to inspire and engage your up-and-coming team than to share information, motivate them about the competition, and to let them see your company name in lights when you are spotlighted in the newsletter or better yet, win the Building of the Year!

Have you downloaded the new MBCEA App? Its ok, I will wait while you do. Simply go to the Google Play Store, or the App Store and search for “MBCEA.” This is our new app, where we will build our year of membership value together. When you log in, you will immediately see the power from news feeds, to industry event posts, to forums (yep, chat topics for and by you) to all the way to the “more.” I am going to ask a favor, no, challenge you…Log in, and message me. Tell me how easy it was to find and download. I hope you see the incredible potential; please know it is going to take all of us to make it powerful!

Monthly we offer an MBCEA presents…In January we hosted Raymond James’ Chief Economist, Eugenio Aleman. With shares from our Chapter Presidents, we heard and discussed how small the “r” in Recession might be for 2024. This month, Temporary Bracing with Keith Wentworth of Dutton & Garfield (and current president of MBI and past-president of MBCEA). This will be interactive, informative, and very relevant. For any/all MBCEA Presents you can register online, or yep, in the MBCEA app!

A key to our industry strength is our great fortune to be invited to a number of National Builder Meetings. We continue to talk and work with the District and Area Managers with the goal of having them join us in the MBCEA. If you will be attending any of these meetings, please contact Sasha, as we would love to have you be an MBCEA ambassador!

We certainly cannot forget Check it out, bookmark it. It is bold, it has got deep pages of resources for you! On the front page alone: 55th Annual Spring Conference, Building of the Year, Chapter News, etc.!

Offering Professional Accreditation and Education

We continue to want you to look to the MBCEA to stay knowledgeable, sharpen your skills, and keep certifications and credentials current.

The AC478 accreditation program. You have heard of it before? Perfect. We will continue to talk, share, and promote this program, as it is the most comprehensive quality assurance accreditation of its kind for metal building assembly. It verifies a contractor and erector's compliance in the following areas:

  • Documented safety and training program
  • Documented management system
  • Job-Site Specific Assembly Plans

You have many resources with the MBCEA to help introduce, engage, and accredit you and your company. Pick your favourite and let us go!

The MBCEA, the Metal Buildings Institute (MBI), and the National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER) are actively developing a complete metal building curriculum. This initiative is an investment in our collective future. We are confident it will become the gold standard for training field erectors; that it will be taught in tech schools and craft centers; and it will be used to craft apprenticeship programs that will help level the playing field in our industry.

Collaboration with our industry partner associations will continue to strengthen all of us. Thank you to the Metal Building Manufacturers Association ( and the Metal Construction Association!

I could keep going, but I am going to share a phrase that has led many people to success, “get in, be brilliant, get out." I hope the above shows that by “getting in” …to your membership will help you be safe, and “be brilliant,” and support you as you “get out” into your market! 

Be Safe. Be Great.

Robert Tiffin

President, MBCEA

National Accounts Manager, SIlvercote