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Code of Conduct for MBCEA Members

Members of the MBCEA pledge to:
  • Adhere to metal building systems manufacturer’s drawings, specifications and installation manuals
  • Strive for excellence in all aspects of business by using only legal and ethical business practices
  • Promote the advancement of pre-engineered metal building sales and steel erection and promote the trade craft Metal Building Assembler.
  • Provide employees with opportunities for education through company sponsored learning programs.
  • Comply with applicable safety and OSHA standards and adhere to Industry Best Practices.
  • Provide a working environment that promotes the safety and health of all.
  • Avoid conduct and practices that would discredit the metal building industry.

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Contractor Member

Contractor Membership is open to any building contractor proprietorship, partnership, or corporation which has been engaged in the business of marketing metal building systems; and/or metal roofing systems; and/or the contract erection of metal building systems; and/or metal roofing systems, for at least one year. Dues are $525 annually with renewals on 1/1. 

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Industry Member

Industry Membership is open to individuals, partnerships, or corporations in the business of providing products and/or services to Contractor Members of the MBCEA. Dues are $750 annually with renewals on 1/1. 

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Regional Representative

Chapter Membership is open to regional representatives that have a National Headquarters Office (outside of the Chapter area) that has paid the Annual MBCEA Industry Membership National dues. This is typically reserved for large manufacturers or suppliers' District/Regional Managers. Dues are $130 annually with renewals on 1/1. 

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