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I have just returned from sailing around the BVI with my wife, kids and grandkids and am happy to say my batteries are totally recharged and I am really looking forward to the Conference later this month and continuing in my role as President of the MBCEA.


I want to share a few ideas that have been rolling around in my head. I welcome your input.


The MBCEA is a membership association. We are only as strong as your active participation. I urge all of you to get involved at  the Chapter level, at the National and at the Conference. For those of you not sure how to get involved, join a committee or even the Board (Chapter or National). We will elect new National Board members at our October meeting: nominations will be accepted through August 1 with a slate of directors put out to membership for electronic vote in September. We have a ton of new members, maybe 1 or 2 are ready to step up and help set the direction of the MBCEA for the next few years. Is it you?


I have always pushed for Chapters. I still believe they are where the MBCEA really shines but I also recognize we are a big country and many of you are too remote to commit to any one chapter. I am thinking National should offer a traveling monthly meeting. Maybe it would take two days, maybe we could jam it into one, but we would publish the dates and location well in advance so you could choose one that suits your schedule. We would offer a few certifications, maybe some information on the Accreditation program or new IMP Training Video and then have a round table, where we could exchange ideas, pose issues and opportunities and of course, network. If I build it, will you come? Will all members commit to attending at least one such meeting? Where would you like them located? Shoot me an email and let me know. 


Are you all receiving your free subscription to Metal Construction News? If not, why not? This trade magazine is dedicated to our industry and is a good friend to the MBCEA. They frequently publish our news and promote our programs. Read our latest column here.  Easy sign-up at this link.


Speaking of news, read the latest news from the IAS, featuring our new program. . Check out the new AC478 Program Brochure.


Sasha has just received the list of winners of the Building of the Year Awards. These prestigious awards will be announced at our conference and later featured in Metal Construction News. I do not yet know the winners, but I know competition was fierce. We had a large number of applications and I am sure, the judges have once again, done a fabulous job of identifying the best in each category and overall Building of the Year. I look forward to the announcements at the Awards Ceremony. We should all be proud of these recipients. Metal Buildings are becoming more and more complex and sophisticated. My fellow erectors and contractors continue to deliver high quality buildings of which we should all be proud.


 For those of you registered for the 46th Annual Conference, I look forward to seeing you in two weeks. For those unable to attend, drop me a line and let me know what's on you mind.





Gary T. Smith

President, MBCEA



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