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Since so much of my writing is focused on teamwork, training and leadership, I thought I'd take a moment to give credit to the ladies: the US Women's Soccer team and Carli Lloyd in particular. Lloyd grew up about 20 minutes away from my office and played against the wives and girlfriends of several of my employees in high school. She is known for her relentless work ethic and determination. 


I admire her spirit. She told one reporter her drive comes from "constantly trying to prove people wrong." She has certainly earned a place in history for her hat trick in last Sunday's game and she can teach all of us old dogs a few things. But let me just highlight one moment: it was the 79th minute and the United States had all but won it with a secure 5-2 lead as Wambach came on for Tobin Heath. That's when Lloyd took off her captain's armband and gave it to Wambach. Wow! What a perfect example of leadership. This simple move highlighted the respect these players have for each other over their own stardom, and their strength and unity as a team.


But the passing of the band wasn't complete. When the final whistle blew, Wambach found Rampone -the only player on this squad from the 1999 championship team-and insisted she wear it for the celebration and trophy presentation.


"She's my captain, always will be," Wambach said. "I think it's pretty symbolic that a team that was able to come away with a world championship wants to pass off the attention from one person to another. Carli hands it to me, I hand it to Christie. That is what it takes to win a world championship."


As we continue to work hard to manage and grow our business, consider for a moment these champions and the power of teamwork.


One final comment, the MBCEA is on your team. We exist to make each other stronger, better. Sign up and get involved!





Gary T. Smith

President, MBCEA


P.S.   The first application for the AC478 program received by IAS will be assigned MBA-100.  Just saying….



















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