AC478 - Stand Apart from the Competition!

Metal Building System Assemblers Accreditation is a Strong Value!

The AC478 Accreditation program is the most comprehensive quality assurance accreditation of its kind for metal building assembly. It is administered by the IAS which is a sister company to the ICC, responsible for creating the IBC codes. It focuses on several key areas:

  • Documented safety program and training program
  • Documented management system
  • Onsite jobsite assessment
  • Annual verification of compliance
  • Job-Site Specific Plans
  • Annual Internal Audits and Management Reviews to ensure continuous improvement

This assures owners that the erector they have chosen follows a comprehensive quality driven metal building assembly program that is assessed annually. 

The MBCEA encourages all members to pursue this important mark of quality and recommends building owners, developers, and architects require AC478 accreditation in their specifications and that building officials look for it before issuing permits.

Apply online through the International Accreditation Service (IAS).

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The MBCEA hosts a bimonthly AC478 Roundtable for anyone interested. Please check the event page for more information.