Why use an Accredited Company?

Architects, specifiers, builders and owners can order a metal building system designed and fabricated by an IAS-accredited metal building systems company. Then, they can have it assembled by an IAS-accredited metal building assembler.

More reasons to choose an AC478 accredited company to erect your buildings:

  • Confidence that:
    • Buildings will be assembled properly
    • Crews are well trained, committed to safety and quality
    • Accountability is important to the assembler
  • Assurance that the metal building erector meets or exceeds national standards
  • Company has required insurance coverage
  • Documented proof of periodic inspections and on-site assessments

Benefits to Customers of Accredited Metal Building Assemblers


Spec Language for Architects and Specifiers

IAS AC472 and AC478 Informational Webinar

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