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AC478 Roundtable

AC478 Roundtable

Friday, June 11, 2021
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (EDT)

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Prove your Quality with Accreditation

Register now for our next virtual AC478 roundtable on Friday June 11, at 2PM EST.
The AC478 Accreditation program is the most comprehensive quality assurance accreditation of its kind for metal building assembly. It is administered by the IAS which is a sister company to the ICC, responsible for creating the IBC codes. It focuses on several key areas:
  • Documented safety program and training program
  • Documented management system
  • Onsite jobsite assessment
  • Annual verification of compliance
  • Job-Site Specific Plans
  • Annual Internal Audits and Management Reviews to ensure continuous improvement
This assures owners that the erector they have chosen follows a comprehensive quality driven metal building assembly program that is assessed annually. 
AC478 accreditation provides a benefit to the public by helping to identify contractors who are committed to safety and quality workmanship; who maintain a high level of integrity. AC478 is a standard to which all MBCEA members can aspire, be measured, and held accountable.
MBCEA is committed to this quality assurance initiative for all members. Read our White Paper hereIf you are considering accreditation, contact Jackie today to register for this next roundtable discussion and/or set up your first individual meeting with her.
Not sure about AC478, check out our YouTube!
Click the links to read the Criteria and Rules.

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Jackie Meiluta
Jackie Meiluta
During our April Roundtable, Dave Leinbach of Kaiser-Martin Group in PA shared how he integrated this quality initiative into his company. All of his employees share his commitment to safety, training and quality; it pervades the company culture. Dave also participated in the Technology in Construction session during our annual conference last month to share how he uses project management software to manage his AC478 process.
Dan Halme, Accreditation Committee Chair, reminded everyone that the MBCEA Board is committed to this program. He reminded the assembled group that Jackie is an available resource and that we have marketing materials to help you promote the program. If you have questions or are considering accreditation, contact Jackie today.
MBCEA is committed to this quality assurance initiative for all members.