Message from the President - Sept '21

President's Message,

As many of you know, back in the early 2000’s the MBCEA created a sister organization, a 501c(3) educational non-profit called the Metal Buildings Institute (MBI). Soon after, MBI launched a first of its kind DVD video training series developed by erectors, for erectors. The Quality and Craftsmanship Original Series was 11 modules with topics such as Tools of the Trade, Unloading, Material Handling and Staging, Framing, Windows & Doors, etc. This series is still considered premier training and is perhaps the only such training exclusive to Metal Building Systems. As an MBCEA member you have FREE access to this series – and should be using it!

Over the years we have upgraded the delivery platform but not the actual training videos, until now! I am pleased to report that the insulation video has been completely updated to reflect current practices, materials, and standards. 

“The Insulation module covers the terminology associated with insulation, how fiberglass insulation works, and why we use it in metal buildings. We'll introduce you to several different types specifically designed for metal buildings. You’ll learn additional materials that are needed to properly insulate a metal building and finally you will learn the safe and proper way to handle insulation for metal buildings,” reports narrator and past president Tim Seyler.  

If you are already using the series, you do not need to do anything. New trainees will automatically see the new and improved video. I heartily recommend you encourage your entire team to re-watch just Insulation. They don’t need to re-do the whole series, although they can. Better yet, next rainy day, organize a group meeting and watch it together. In case you are wondering, the related test and questions have all been updated too. 

If you are a member, you have access to the Original Quality and Craftsmanship Series (aka 101) for FREE. If you are not a member and want access to the Insulation video, you can order it as a stand-alone for $250/year or the entire set for $500/year.  

I would like to thank Sasha, Tim, Andy Lee, Dylan Seyler, Jen Heimburger, Keith Wentworth, Dave Tomchak, and the many representatives from the Insulation Industry for all their hard work and effort to update, script, shoot, proof and deliver this important training tool.

I hope you are planning to attend METALCON. There's a reason METALCON has been the premiere international event for the metal and design construction industry for over 30 years! METALCON is the one and only event devoted exclusively to metal. If you are a construction professional, an architect, engineer or specifier who uses, plans to use, or wants to expand into metal in construction, you must attend METALCON. This is where, once-a-year, thousands of metal fabricators, suppliers, distributors and manufactures from around the globe showcase the greatest range of metal construction products, peripherals, services equipment and technology in the world.

There is a widget on our events page to get you a discount. There are many reasons to attend, but perhaps the best is we will be unveiling our Temporary Bracing Guidelines for Metal Building Systems on Thursday, October 7, 1 pm. This long awaited book is complete and ready to ship.  

The purpose of this Design Guide is to assist Metal Building Contractors and Erectors in developing temporary bracing and sequencing requirements for each metal building project. Safety is our goal. We know our Metal Building Structures are highly engineered, optimized structures, with virtually all elements of the building structure working as an integral system to meet the strength and serviceability requirements for the project. However, during erection when some, but not all components are in place, temporary bracing and specific erection sequencing are critical to ensure that the structure is stable and safe.

There are things we Assemblers have traditionally done that we ASSUME are right. Safety is too important to assume. MBI President, Keith Wentworth and author John Rolfes, PE, SE will be presenting highlights of the new guide at METALCON. We will be accepting orders at our booth #1921 or you can order your copy on MBI's website. These guidelines are a “must have book” for all erectors. MBCEA members, of course receive a discount!

So new Insulation video, New Temporary Bracing Guidelines and discounts to METALCON! Stay tuned for even more great stuff to come!

Stay safe!


Art Hance
President, MBCEA
President, Hance Construction


PS The original MBI Quality and Craftsmanship training series is considered so integral to the way we train and develop our craftsmen, that passing grades are required for all field personnel for companies that pursue AC478!