Message from the President - Mar '21

President's Message,

Last month we conducted a quick poll to see what topics were of most interest to you, our members. Surprisingly, responses were fairly evenly split. Tied for the lead at 24% each, respondents want more information on training and the labor shortage/labor development. Business development came in third with a 14% total, followed by accreditation at 13%. Last but not least was Covid with 11% of the vote.

Not saying we have a crystal ball but we have got you covered!

In many respects, Training and addressing the Labor Shortage go hand in hand. New recruits want access to training, want to know you have a robust training plan. We will focus more on workforce development issues next month, but this month we will recap our training efforts.

Many of our manufacturers and suppliers have supplied copies of their training or links to their training sites. These are all loaded in the MBCEA website along with in-house developed offerings from fellow contractor and erector members. Sasha continues to add new material and/or improve the organization and groupings. Please check back often. 

Our Virtual Conference (April 28-30) has several great topics, to include Technology in Construction, Design/Installation of IMP’s and Metal over Metal. We will also feature a joint roundtable with MBMA. I urge you to check it out.

Lastly, our Training Committee, in conjunction with the MBI and thanks to generous support from the Ketenbrink Education Foundation and sponsors, are working hard to complete the following projects:

  • Updated Insulation video to replace the current Insulation video in the Quality and Craftsmanship Series
  • Temporary Bracing Guidebook and field video
  • Retrofit Video
  • Crane Installation Video

 As these become finalized we already know which ones we will tackle next. If you would like to participate on any of these projects, please let Sasha know.

METALCON has put together a great program called MetalFocus with virtual training sessions that we all need.

I am always happy to know member companies want more Business Development information. This is central to our mission: the professional advancement of our members. We try to load our newsletter with important articles and information for the general good of your business. 

With Business Development in mind and Covid, as well, we have a great keynote speaker at Conference to address Post Covid Opportunities and the Biden Administration. Also, MBCEA General Counsel Josh Quinter will lead a wide ranging discussion on Problem Solving Pandemic Related Issues and Beyond. If you only attend these two sessions at conference, you will get your money’s worth!

Our Accreditation outreach continues to grow. We now host a bimonthly virtual roundtable and are actively developing promotional materials and whitepapers to help our accredited members take full advantage of this competitive edge. In fact we are so committed to this quality initiative that the Board recently agreed that we will expect this mark for our Contractor and Erector Board members.

I would be remiss if I did not give a shout out to our Chapters. They host many fabulous training programs, business development speakers, and networking events. If there is not a chapter in your area, perhaps you can attend virtually or better yet, help start a local chapter! Chapter News is provided here.

I encourage everyone to attend our National Conference this year. If you have never attended before, this virtual event is a low investment in terms of money and time but will be worth it. 

See you at the Conference!

Art Hance
President, MBCEA
President, Hance Construction