Message from the President - June '22

President's Message,
When we gather together at events like National Conference, big ideas emerge. The concept that continues to spin in my brain after this year’s conference is ERECT-ABILITY. As you know our Contractor and Erector Roundtables are safe spaces to ask questions, to solicit advice and troubleshoot issues and opportunities at the job site. In recent years we have added an additional roundtable to include a forum to interact with manufacturers and suppliers. It was here that that the subject of erectability was raised in Conference 2022. Wouldn’t it be cool if designers and architects had a forum to seek feedback from erectors as they explore new functionality and design aesthetics? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a peer group to discuss ways of working with new materials or complex designs?
As a way to get this started, leadership at MBCEA and MBMA would like to discuss challenges with at least 10 of our bigger erectors. We envision ultimately producing an “Un-Official Guide” of things erectors want suppliers to know. If this is of interest or has any appeal to you, please drop me or Sasha a line. We are early days but definitely feel there is something worth exploring here.
On a related topic, last year both MBCEA and MBMA submitted code changes for consideration by the IBC Structural Code Development Committee. Effecting change is a long game with a very formal process, but it is vital that we make our voices heard. Dan Halme, Tucker Cope, Josh Quinter, Dave Leinbach, and Seth Collins have formed an ad hoc committee that will work closely with MBMA’s Code Committee on defining and refining future submissions. I applaud their leadership on this issue.
Speaking of MBMA, did you know they are an authorized AIA instructor with 2 approved courses – one on metal buildings and one on energy? MBCEA members are allowed (and encouraged!) to present these courses to architects. Keep in mind there is a lead time to get everything in order with AIA, but they are freely available to you, if you have an opportunity to present. There are previews on MBMA’s YouTube channel. Please like and share these videos within your network.
MBMA hosts several safety webinars each year exclusive to their membership. On June 30 they will present “Distracted Driving.” Safety Committee chair, David Weatherford and MBMA General Manager Tony Bouquot feel this topic has such broad appeal and is so important that they are inviting MBCEA members to attend, as well. Click here for the invite. We hope to see you on the webinar on June 30.
Lastly, I would like to congratulate all the contractors and erectors featured in Metal Construction News Top 100 Builders. You are an impressive bunch! I call on all MBCEA members and our friends at MBMA to encourage these prestigious builders to join the MBCEA. We are stronger together.
Jen Heimburger
President, MBCEA
President, Heimburger Construction