Message from the President - July '22

President's Message,
Happy Summer! As we head into the home stretch of 2022, let’s talk about membership. I am pleased to report we have 557 members, 53 of whom are new for 2022. Welcome to the team! This is fabulous growth. It is also positive feedback that the industry is happy with the direction MBCEA is heading. 
I am also thrilled to share that 44% of the top builders as identified in Metal Construction News are MBCEA members. Our membership committee has a plan to make this share even bigger and they want to have fun doing so. Stay tuned for information on a Membership Drive Contest. They are working on the details but there will be cash prizes, social media acclaim, and strong PR for all the winners. Contests are fun, but this is one contest where we all win – there is strength in numbers. Our Association is only as good as the quality of membership. Together we can do more!
Our efforts to make our signature quality initiative AC478 more accessible are working. IAS reports more than 10 companies are in the works and Jackie has been contacted by several more. The Mid-Atlantic Chapter is hosting a virtual session on how to apply this month and our National Roundtables resume in September. IAS is presenting to architects in August and to our members in September. If you have any questions about this program do check out the members only area of the website or contact Jackie Meiluta directly.
Lastly, I am happy to report, we are starting to generate a buzz around our efforts to create a complete Metal Building curriculum. I think we all can agree that in order to attract new blood to our industry, we need to be able to offer affordable, comprehensive training, presented in the way students learn today. Which, by the way, has more to do with smartphones and less to do with textbooks.
We will deliver a transformative learning experience utilizing new technologies that changes the way we recruit, develop, and retain new workers. It is a million-dollar, multi-year investment in our future.
I challenge each and every manufacturer and supplier to consider a future with no skilled labor; to consider the value of having your products assembled and installed properly. I challenge every contractor and erector to evaluate the value of a well-trained work-force, of a simplified recruiting process. Full disclosure, in the coming weeks we will be launching a fund-raising campaign. We cannot do this without industry support, but together we can ensure a bright future for the metal building industry.
Jen Heimburger
President, MBCEA
President, Heimburger Construction
P.S. Welcome to our new Administrative Assistant, Britain Graver. She's assisting with projects, taking over Crew Sourcing postings, processing new members and more!