Message from the President - Feb '21

President's Message,

Our slogan is "reaching new heights, together" and our mission is "to support the professional advancement and development of metal building contractors, erectors and our industry." In other words - the MBCEA exists to make us stronger and better.

Pretty straight-forward right? As President, I have regular access to Sasha and Jackie and all the great work done by our committees. So perhaps I take for granted all the great resources the MBCEA has. Knowing what they say about "assume", this seems like a good time to remind you of what you may be missing.

I can not brag enough about our fabulous new website and more importantly the fantastic content in the members only area. We have training materials from manufacturers and suppliers, templates and tips from other erectors, erector developed training and tool box talks, a safety handbook, and so much more! These are the tools that should be in your tool box. If you need help, call Sasha. She is always happy to help show you around, point you in the right direction, tell you where/how to find something.

Our quality initiative, IAS accreditation AC478 is the other tool needed now more than ever. Do you remember that great quote from Tom Gilligan, former President of Butler Manufacturing “A program like this is truly a win/win for everyone. This accreditation offers a higher level of assurance to me, as a manufacturer, that our building will be installed properly. The owner of a steel erection company will now have the ability to prove that their methods, training, and jobsite management are all world class.“

Contractors and erectors who are interested in proving their quality come together for a bi-monthly Zoom round table. Last week, attendees spoke about why they this think program is important. I think they speak for all of us when they say:

·        You need to keep increasing the gap between you and the competition. AC478 is the way to leap ahead.

·        Quality companies attract quality people. As we struggle with labor shortages and fight to attract and retain good employees, AC478 is the answer.

·        Programs like AC478 are the only way we will ever change our image and distinguish ourselves from the stereotype of the “poor quality metal building guy”.

If these thoughts resonate with you, please reach out to Jackie. She will answer your questions, explain the program to you and your team, and share some MBCEA developed documents. I am willing to bet you, you are more ready than you think! What are you waiting for?

Stay Safe!

Art Hance
President, MBCEA
President, Hance Construction