Message from the President - Dec '20

President's Message,
As 2020 winds down, there is no doubt it will be one for the record books. Although we were plagued with a global pandemic, extreme weather events, and political and social unrest, for many of us, it was also a very good year – business was strong and projects continued to flow.
I recently spoke with Greg Pasley, CEO Blue Scope Buildings, NA about 2021. I was encouraged to hear him say that the metal building market is strong and rebounding well, even after some areas were impacted severely by COVID. Greg reminded me of the role we play in supplying and building for essential industries and that many of the market segments that are thriving, such as pharma, warehousing, e-commerce, logistics, agriculture, food processing, and data are well served by metal buildings.
There is much to look forward to in 2021, including vaccines. Who ever thought we would be excited about a vaccine?
As you plan for the coming year, know that the MBCEA has your back and is working hard to maximize your membership. Sasha and the Board are constantly seeking ways to add value to your membership, to expand our programs, and to improve our collective image. 
One area we thought would be beneficial is to expand our Members Only area with resources from MBMA members. We intend to provide as many resources as we can in one spot for our contractor and erector members to help ensure proper installations and successful building projects. We asked and they delivered!
So far we have received links and tools from Metallic Products and Behlen. (Thank you very much!) We hope to keep adding to this section. If you have content to share, please contact Sasha. We also appreciate Butler sharing their roof installation webinars with our membership.
If you have not yet done so, please check out our new and improved website and member’s area. In addition to things like Metallic Product’s newest video with step by step instructions for installation of their Personnel Door Canopies, we also have content for every need:
  • Been invited to speak at your kid or grand-kid’s Career Day? We have a video and a PowerPoint.
  • Interested in exploring accreditation? All the tools are there.
  • Need a crew or have a service to offer? We got that too!
  • Prospective customer looking for a contractor or erector? With a few simple clicks they found you!
I look forward to the coming New Year. I am confident business will continue to grow and that we will continue to come together as an association to laugh, learn, and share. I look forward to reconnecting at Conference (hopefully in person but virtual if necessary), to celebrating our successes and to reaching new heights, together.
On behalf of the entire Board, please accept my heartfelt wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and a Safe, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.  
Stay Safe!
Art Hance
President, MBCEA
President, Hance Construction