Looking for Crew in KY

Looking for Erectors ,

MBCEA member, HS Williams is looking for a crew ASAP in KY. Approximately 5,000 sq ft total. Excellent opportunity for a small erector to get to know us.

Crew must have:

W9, COI & Workers Comp

OSHA 10 (minimum one crew member, the rest can be covered under Employee Safety & Operations Program letter)

English (minimum one crew member)

Forklift training (ESOP letter)

Fall protection (you’ve got this)

FR gear (fire retardant jumpsuit)

Skytrak and hoisting equipment on site, only need to supply aerial man lift. They recommend 4x4 boom lift due to space restrictions.

Please contact Jason Porter at jasonp@hswilliams.com or 276-783-3185 x1105 if you can assist.

* MBCEA promotes the safe and professional construction of metal building systems; but our organization is not set up to and does not screen members for their qualifications or ability to work on any specific project. As such, MBCEA makes no promises, representations, warranties, or guarantees about the quality of the company, people, or workmanship referenced in the information shared. All members should conduct their own due diligence on the project, labor force, or available workers provided in this communication and ensure the requisite management and oversight required to protect your company.