55th Annual MBCEA Conference

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In order to access the agenda, network with attendees, engage on the conference forum, stay abreast of changes in real-time, among so many other things, you’ll need to make sure you have an account created through the MBCEA website, download the MBCEA app, and log in using those account credentials. Note that it will be impossible to help everyone in person at the conference so we are asking you to do this now.

If you already have an account created, you can skip right to downloading the MBCEA app by going to the app store on your mobile device, searching for MBCEA and downloading. Use your existing mbcea.org account login credentials. (You can always do a password reset on the login page of mbcea.org if you cannot remember your password.)

If you do not have an account yet, please follow these instructions:

  1. Click "JOIN" in the top right corner of the MBCEA website.
  2. Choose "Create an Account."
  3. Type your email (it should already be found because we have already started the account creation process for you), enter your name, and create a password. Check the box next to the terms and conditions and click Save and Continue at the bottom.
  4. Next, fill in your company (it should show up as you type) and your contact information. Review the MBCEA code of conduct at the link provided and check off the box. Check off the “I am not a robot Captia” and click “Create Account”.
  5. You will receive a code in your inbox to confirm your account. Please enter it and click CONFIRM & LOGIN. This will be the info you use to log in on the MBCEA mobile app for the conference.

You are now ready to search for the MBCEA app through the app store on your mobile device, download it, and log in. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you run into any issues. Thank you and we’ll see you in San Diego!