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MBCEA In the News,

By Robert Tiffin, President, Metal Building Contractors & Erectors Association

Posted May 10, 2024 in Metal Construction News

I look forward to this issue every year. All these Top Metal Builders have received accolades for their respective shipments. Congratulations to everyone listed in the following pages!

However, many of these builders have another commonality. They are members of the Metal Building Contractors & Erectors Association (MBCEA).

I strongly encourage all Top 100 Metal Builders to join the MBCEA. Your commitment to quality construction is what keeps our industry thriving.

If you are not currently a member, please do take a moment to indulge into the benefits that our members enjoy and leverage. Here are a few.

Quality recognition with AC478

The MBCEA recognized the need for a robust system to distinguish exceptional contractors and erectors that rise above the rest—akin to the top builders featured on the prestigious Top Metal Builders list. In response, the AC478, Elevating Excellence in Metal Building Assembly, accreditation program was born, the most comprehensive quality assurance accreditation for metal building assembly.

Administered by the International Accreditation Service (IAS)—a member of the International Code Council (ICC) Family of Solutions—this accreditation verifies compliance in critical areas:

  1. Documented safety and training program: Ensuring safety protocols through
    rigorous training
  2. Documented management system: Establishing efficient business processes
  3. Jobsite-specific assembly plans: Tailoring plans to each project
  4. On-site jobsite assessment: Validating adherence to plans
  5. Annual internal audits and management reviews: Sustaining quality over time

By achieving AC478 accreditation, your firm demonstrates commitment to excellence. It is not just about certifying your team; it is about creating a robust management system that enhances overall business operations. Moreover, it is a well-deserved recognition that can bolster your company’s reputation and contribute to winning projects.

For those seeking quality in metal building assembly, AC478 is the gold standard. Architects, building owners, and developers are increasingly specifying accredited companies. MBCEA membership includes free consultative support for this program, so do not hesitate to reach out and get started.

Marketing opportunities

Our members also enjoy prominent placement in our globally accessible searchable directory. This directory is widely used by companies seeking contractors and erectors. Whether you have a gap in your schedule or require supplemental labor, our members can efficiently connect with a broad audience of metal building assemblers through our free crew-sourcing ads. Additionally, we proudly host Building of the Year competitions and frequently showcase our members in industry infomercials. Notably, the editors at Metal Construction News often turn to us for introductions to builders when they are pursuing a story.

Training, education, workforce development, and beyond

Exclusively available to our industry, the Metal Buildings Institute (MBI) Quality and Craftsmanship Series offers entry-level training. MBCEA members enjoy free access to these valuable resources.

  • Discounted offerings: MBCEA members receive substantial discounts on other MBI programs, including Temporary Bracing Guidelines, IMP, and Retrofit training videos.
  • Training opportunities: Both regional chapters and the national association regularly provide in-person training sessions and online webinars.
  • Members-only area: Our website features a dedicated section for members, offering access to supplier and manufacturer training materials, in-house developed training content from fellow members, and engaging toolbox talks.


Metal buildings and their assembly are a large industry but a somewhat niche market. The MBCEA provides a place for contractors and erectors to get together through chapters and our national conference to discuss problems and solutions specific to our industry. The MBCEA provides nationwide contacts that can help with labor, construction questions, business opportunities, and more.

The best place to connect is at the MBCEA National Conference, which took place April 24 to 26 in San Diego, Calif. this year. The annual conference is co-located with the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) and offers content geared to owners, project managers, and field personnel. You will enjoy seeing new products and meeting with vendors in the Exhibit Hall—all with a few hundred of your friends, colleagues, competitors, and vendors. The best advertisement I can share is an echo from many members: “The industry and product updates I got from the Spring Conference continues to pay for itself year after year.” In addition, MBCEA members receive discounted registration pricing!

Thank you for your time in reading about the MBCEA. Please feel free to check out, then lean into the advancement of our industry and join us today!

Robert Tiffin’s passion to create positive change motivates him daily. The metal building systems industry is changing, and Tiffin is active in creating opportunities to forge a new perception by thinking well outside the colloquial “pre-engineered metal box.” As the national accounts manager of Silvercote—a laminator in custom insulation solutions—Tiffin leads foundation customer relationships in the U.S. and Canada. He drives interaction with the market, designer/specifiers, and end use owners, as they are the critical connections to the future of the industry. As a fervent advocate of collaboration with industry associations, Tiffin connects his peers and network as the president of the Metal Building Contractors & Erectors Association (MBCEA) and as the chair of the architects committee of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA).