The Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association (MBCEA) is an established organization that supports the professional advancement of metal building contractors, erectors and industry. We would like your support and involvement in kick starting a Midwest Chapter of this great organization.

There are over three hundred member companies around the United States and many are members of a local MBCEA chapter. Our list of chapters includes New England, Mid-Atlantic, the Carolinas and a Southeast chapter. As we type this, Texas and the Northwest are two more fledgling chapters.

There are a few folks involved with the new chapter and they are: Andy Huber, A.L. Huber, Inc. in Kansas City, Steve Butler with Dynamic Fastener in Kansas City, Kelly Burk of Burk Erectors in Springfield, MO, Kelly Burk, Jr. also with Burk Erectors in Springfield, MO, Bill Johnson with Evans Building in Wichita, KS and Sandy Fowler of GF General Contractors in St. Louis.

There are many benefits to the MBCEA as a national organization and even more with a chapter in our area. Benefits include: erector training, OSHA training, first aid training, keeping up with codes and requirements, member discounts. If we assemble as a group, we can offer all of these benefits to our members at a discount.

The biggest benefit of an organization like MBCEA is networking. Meeting with folks from around our region will bring insight to your business and could even bring in some business. Burk Erectors from Springfield, MO has secured $1 million in revenue through relationships he established in the organization. In kind, Mr. Burk has been able to help other members get work in their regions.

As we endeavor to start a Midwest chapter, we need to gauge interest and get some advocates involved. If you’re interested, please contact Sasha or you can call any of us anytime:

Andy Huber913-341-4880

Kelly Burk417-882-9040

Steve Butler816-358-9898



Andy Huber
A. L. Huber Construction, Inc.
Phone: 913-341-4880
Fax: 913-341-1940
Email: andy@alhuber.com

Andy Huber is an estimator and project manager with A.L. Huber, Inc, a general contractor and VP Buildings dealer in Kansas City. As a fourth generation Huber, Andy continues A.L. Huber’s tradition of quality, integrity and service.

Vice President

Kelly D. Burk
Burk Erectors, Inc.
Phone: 417-882-9040
Fax: 417-882-9080
Email: kellydb@burkerectors.com

Kelly D. Burk is Vice President of Burk Erectors, Inc. He has over 15 years experience in erecting metal buildings. He is the Project Manager and Estimator for Burk Erectors.

President Elect

Steve Butler
Dynamic Fastener
Phone: 816-358-9898
Fax: 816-358-9899
Email: stevebutler@dynamicfastener.com

Steve Butler is the sales manager for Dynamic Fastener. He has over 26 years of experience working with contractors in the metal building industry.

Treasurer / Secretary

Shannon Fowler
Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
Phone: 636-583-4184
Fax: 636-583-4978
Email: Midwest@mbcea.org

Shannon has been involved with the MBCEA since 2003 and is now the Treasurer/Secretary for the Midwest Chapter. She currently serves as a Senior Registered Associate at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management where she helps manage high net worth clients for a team of financial advisors in Chesterfield, Missouri.


Kelly E. Burk
Burk Erectors, Inc.
Phone: 417-882-9040
Fax: 417-882-9080
Email: burk@burkerectors.com

Kelly is the President of Burk Erectors, Inc. He has over 50 years experience in erecting metal buildings. Kelly is a Pioneer Club member of the MBCEA.


Sandy Fowler
GF General Contractors
Phone: 636-583-4184
Fax: 636-583-4978
Email: sandy@gfgeneralcontractorsinc.com