Roof Sheeting/Insulation Crews Needed in AZ ASAP

Looking for Erectors,

MBCEA member Lefever Building Systems is looking for a Roof Sheeting and Insulation 4-6 person crew to finish a building in AZ as soon as possible. "The current status of AZ Minerals roof is approximately 40% completed. Sundt has provided us a fall protection system with a horizontal lifeline and yo-yo’s for up to 6 people on the roof. We have insulated and sheeted 7 of 16 bays. They have yet to run the seamer on any of the roof yet as well, and there is one small corner section of the building where banding will need to be finished. The access from inside the building will be very congested and limited, that has been the biggest reason for delays up to this point. The ridge cap, trim, and gutters still need to be completed as well. I would anticipate approximately 3 weeks of work remaining with a 6-man crew, assuming there are no weather delays (wind and rain will be an issue). The schedule we are working is 06:00-18:00 Monday-Thursday, 06:00-14:00 Friday & Saturday." Requirements; All personnel will need to have OSHA 30, and current MSHA certification. They will also have to go through site-specific. ALL FALL PROTECTION HARNESSES MUST BE INSPECTED AND CURRENT. Upon arrival, they will have to go through security and have the vehicle inspected on-site. The vehicle must be equipped with a working backup alarm, contain a first aid kid, must have a current and up-to-date inspected fire extinguisher, working amber beacon (vehicle strobe light), a buggy whip (vehicle flag), and wheel chocks. Contact Adam Matthews at or 303.916.7392.

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