President's Message - Sep '23

President's Message,
United We Stand
This month fall is in the air and I want to talk about apples.   
Bad apples to be more precise. 
We all know the proverb “one bad apple spoils the whole barrel,” and this phrase comes to mind when I hear about buildings failing or erectors not getting paid or someone getting hurt on a job site. Unfortunately, this affects our entire industry. Architects and developers hear about bad apples more than they hear about good. See how many hits you get on YouTube when you put in “metal building collapse”. 
The MBCEA continues to focus on our mission of the professional advancement of our membership and our industry. Our website “Members Only” area is full of tools, templates and training - free for your use. Our accreditation program continues to flourish, providing contractors and erectors with tangible proof of their commitment to quality, safety and training. Our new training curriculum program with NCCER is underway.
These programs are the perfect backdrop for a new strategy, framed by MBMA and MBCEA to participate in the 2024 AIA conference to deliver/share a message of the ENTIRE metal building system industry to the 15,000+ architects, designers, and specifiers.
This “introduction as a united industry” is an opportunity to make a new first impression. With that, it is time for all of us, to remind ourselves of our association pledge: 
  • Adhere to metal building systems manufacturer’s drawings, specifications and installation manuals 
  • Strive for excellence in all aspects of business by using only legal and ethical business practices 
  • Promote the advancement of pre-engineered metal building sales and steel erection and promote the trade craft Metal Building Assembler. 
  • Provide employees with opportunities for education through company sponsored learning programs. 
  • Comply with applicable safety and OSHA standards and adhere to Industry Best Practices. 
  • Provide a working environment that promotes the safety and health of all. 
  • Avoid conduct and practices that would discredit the metal building industry. 
MBCEA, MBMA and the IAS are working hard to promote metal building systems. Our quality initiatives (AC472 and AC478) are an important part of this plan. But we all need to do our part as well. 
Reacquaint yourself with our pledge. Are we living up to those high standards? Do we sometimes look the other way or make excuses for safety and quality infractions? Do we always promote a culture of safety first?
Make sure your team understands their role in our pledge. They are an integral part of the equation. It is one thing for you to offer them training but they also need a commitment to put into practice what they are taught. Make sure they understand the unforeseen consequences of posting silly social media memes about unsafe practices. Again, see the YouTube videos.
Reaching New Heights Together is our motto. As you know, MBCEA has championed a new Metal Building curriculum from the craft training leader – NCCER. This multi-year, million dollar investment will provide the tools we are sorely lacking to recruit, train and develop craft workers skilled in the unique needs of metal buildings. 
We need your support to bring this training to life. We need pledged funds to ensure we can complete the program. We need subject matter experts (SME) for committee work to develop the training content. Together we can reach new heights. Are you ready?
Jen Heimburger
President, MBCEA
President, Heimburger Construction, Inc.