President's Message - Jan '24

President's Message,

Happy New Year!


We are a wonderful mix of members; contractor and erectors (65%), industry reps (19%), regional reps (13%) and lifetime individual members (3%). We all bring something to our membership, more so in our participation, and when we come together good things happen. Great things will happen when we agree to continue the good work of our presidents who came before me and grow our industry as a safe, viable, sustainable, and very creative alternative to traditional construction.


My ask: bring your pride, your skills, and your passion for what we know, for what we do, and join me in sharing, educating, collaborating, just shy of shouting to the world who we are and what we have to offer, and why they should really, and need to listen.


Collaboration is a key to our success! We want and need to to share with and hear from you as often and as quickly as we can. We have a new mobile APP to do exactly that. You will find it in the App Store, or Google Play and by typing in/searching for MBCEA. It's quick, it's simple, and it's ours (powered by Clowder™). Once you have downloaded, and logged in, send me a message, (Yep, you can do that in the app), and let’s go!


In the coming months, we are bringing more, and want you to get more out of being a member. New this year is our monthly schedule of sessions, webinars and roundtables that are available to all members. We understand that we all learn and engage in our own way. These sessions are one way for you to tune in. Chapter involvement is another; attending National Conference is another. I ask you, urge you to participate as much as you can. Register for these sessions on your (newly) downloaded MBCEA app or the MBCEA website.


Our national conference just keeps getting better. If you have never attended, please consider this my personal invitation– you will be hooked, as so many of us have! The knowledge, tips, tricks, techniques and camaraderie we pack into three days is second to none. If you are a new member, please join me for breakfast Thursday (4/25) morning of Conference so we can get to know each other before all the fun begins. We will answer your questions, do some introductions, and make sure you feel right at home.


Thursday evening (4/25), all AC478 Accredited members are welcome to join me in my suite for a cocktail party to celebrate your achievement. I would love to hear what is working, what is not so we continue to make this program meaningful for all of us, and collaborate on what we should be telling the (architects, specifiers and designer) world.


One last Conference invite – the first 12 members to respond to this email, will join the Executive Committee at Breakfast on Friday (4/26) to discuss their member experience. It sure sounds like I am eating and drinking my way through the conference but in all seriousness, I truly want to hear from you. When the Conference is over, and Walt Disney said it best…“The way to get started is to stop talking and get doing!”


It’s time for you to enter the Building of the Year contest! This celebratory award gives us all a chance to showcase the advances and innovations our industry has made in recent years. Earn your peers and national recognition for outstanding efforts in creating one of the best metal building projects of the year! In addition, your company also receives great press coverage for the event as the winners are featured in Metal Construction News, on our social media pages, website, YouTube Channel (and while you are there, please subscribe), and the Awards & Recognition webpage. Apply now at

Be Safe. Be Great.

Robert Tiffin

President, MBCEA

National Accounts Manager, SIlvercote