Message from the President - Feb '22

President's Message,
As I shared last month, our big goals for the next two years are focused on training and education, the professionalism of our craft.
First up for training and education is our Annual Conference. We are excited to continue to offer separate tracks for field personnel and management with lots of great speakers and vendors. New this year is product specific training for your field personnel.
You'll find Butler demonstrating basic MR-24 installation, splices, gable trim, ridge, etc.; Behlen addressing general SSR topics and highlighting ZL-24 panel features; Nucor with a hands-on display and classroom overview of their SSR installation; Metl-Span will offer IMP Installation training; Kingspan will demonstrate proper installation of Series Wall Panels; and last but certainly not least, PV Installation and Snow Retention by S-5!
Register today for this and so much more.
Our longer-term commitment is to our new complete Metal Building Assembly Training that is being developed in partnership with MBI and NCCER. I am please with the progress achieved at the first few meetings, thanks no doubt to the fabulous team we assembled. With lots of input we prioritized the first 5 chapters (aka programs) which are:
  1. Intro to MB Assembly
  2. Crane and Forklift, Rigging and Signaling
  3. Unloading Material Handling & Staging
  4. Temporary Bracing
  5. Framing
These will be worked on simultaneously. As previously explained, each program will consists of a series of tasks or competencies. These bite-sized chunks of learning will be used to train and develop competent quality erectors to our standards. Our goal for each competency is that the learner is able to do the task correctly, to understand what the task is and why it needs to be done, to know how to apply what they have learned about the task to different situations, and know what to do if something goes wrong while doing the task. Sounds easy, right?
Our commitment to training and education is best exemplified in our signature Quality Program - AC478. Each month sees more companies begin this journey. I strongly urge all contractor and erector members to seriously consider this program. Our committee is developing a streamlined set of informative documents for the members only area. They should be live soon. In the meantime, Jackie continues to be an email away. Reach out to her to get started.
Join us in Tucson to get a jump start on training and so much more. It's been two long years, I can't wait to see you in person.
Jen Heimburger
President, MBCEA
President, Heimburger Construction
P.S. If you have not yet ordered your copy of the MBI Guidelines for Temporary Bracing, do it today. Don't forget, members should use their discount code for 50% off!