Message from the President - Nov '21

President's Message,
Best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving full of family and friends. As we count our blessings, I know I am thankful for the wonderful committees, project teams and staff that make the MBCEA so strong and my job easy!
This month, I want to highlight the good work of two of those committees. Not to brag, although I am proud of all our accomplishments, but as a reminder to all businesses of the necessary operational and strategic tasks that we should attend to periodically
Robert Tiffin, Silvercote heads up the Marketing committee and next year will be our Vice President. Thanks to this committee, our collateral material and social media outreach just keeps on getting better. I urge you to print, post, like and share all of it. Does your website highlight your membership in MBCEA? Have you invited at least one builder to join the Association? Do you subscribe to our YouTube channel? How about representing our trade at a Career Day or hiring fair? Our website is chock full of all the tools you need to do these things. We want you to help your business and help the MBCEA grow. Click the links in this newsletter for easy access.
Dave Leinbach, Kaiser Martin Group heads up the Finance Committee as MBCEA Treasurer. This was a very busy year in that we established a new banking partner for MBCEA and reviewed and updated our Internal Controls to make sure we are operating efficiently and have appropriate controls in place to minimize risk. Working closely with incoming President, Jen Heimburger, we have also tightened up our job descriptions and succession plans.
Most contractors and erectors are often so busy putting up buildings and putting out fires that we don’t always focus on things like Marketing and Financial Controls. We assume we have that stuff under control. However, the effective cultivation of your brand and careful management of your operation affects not only your image and reputation, but also your profitability and security. Done well, these things will drive new business, help you secure new customers, and improve your bottom line. When overlooked or ignored results can be disastrous. Don’t take them for granted!
A focus on Marketing and Internal Control is a natural segue to AC478. This quality initiative hits so many buttons for you:
  • Documented processes and annual reviews ensure nothing is left to chance.
  • The IAS mark on your bid documents provides tangible proof that you have the personnel, organization, skills, experience, knowledge, management procedures, and commitment to assemble metal buildings in accordance with codes, specifications, costs and deadlines.
  • It is a powerful marketing tool to help you win projects and beat the competition.
  • Formal safety and training plans provide clear paths for your employees and aids in recruiting and retention.
AC478 is truly a win-win in so many ways. Gary Smith always said it would be a game changer. I am thrilled that 2021 was a turning point for this program. New companies are being accredited every month. In the last few weeks, Dunn Building Company (AL), Dutton & Garfield (NH) and DD Construction (CO) have all become accredited. They join a growing list of companies that distinguish themselves from the competition by not only their membership in MBCEA, but by taking the next step in assuring Safety and Quality in what they do.
As my term as President winds down, I am confident that MBCEA is in good hands. We have a strong foundation for continued success. I know that we will continue to reach new heights, together!
Stay Safe.
Art Hance
President, MBCEA
President, Hance Construction
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