Message from the President - June '21

President's Message,
Happy June, Happy Father’s Day and Happy (almost) End of Covid! As we slowly return to normal, I have had the opportunity to mix with a few more members. One thing that always seems to blow my mind is how few members actually take advantage of the access to training and education MBCEA provides.
Our mission is the professional advancement of members so it stands to reason (or at least I always assumed) the major reason companies join is to get in on that professional advancement ...but still too many don't. What is up with that?
I don’t want to sound like a cranky old man, but for those of you not regularly using the MBI Quality and Craftsmanship Training Series to train your new recruits- You know it is free, right?! This series used to be sold for $500 which was a discounted price for MBCEA members. A few years ago MBI updated the delivery platform (AKA the learning portal) and now offers unlimited access to the original series absolutely FREE to MBCEA members.
Full disclosure: if you want to test your employees, you will be charged $10 per module or $110 per employee for the full 11 modules but this is still a bargain.
The Quality and Craftsmanship series is just one example of the training opportunities available with membership. Our members area on the website has a whole section on free training tools and links to manufacturers' training. Our chapters offer monthly live and virtual events and there is the National Conference as well. I urge you to take advantage of any and all for two reasons. One – this is why you joined the MBCEA, I want you to get your money’s worth! And two - a well trained work force is crucial to quality assemblies.
Companies that focus on training and safety are companies that will succeed! They will be able to recruit and retain new employees and will be able to take on bigger and more complex projects. They will improve the reputation and perception of our buildings. A win-win for all of us!
Last month we mentioned we were in discussion with NCCER to potentially develop a Metal Building Assembly Curriculum and we needed you to complete a survey. I would like to personally thank anyone that completed the survey. Things like this are really important for the greater good. (If you have not already done, please do it now.) We appreciate your time. Several of you also contacted us with reports of an existing NCCER program (written in 1996). A few members of our Training Committee now have copies of this guidebook. You can order it here. It is certainly our intent to not recreate the wheel or start from scratch. We would hope that this existing book could perhaps be updated in some fashion. We will keep you posted as this project progresses.
In closing, I would like to commend our Membership Committee. They have developed a series of flyers to inspire membership. Here is a sample. The strength of this association is a shared responsibility. Please forward our newsletters or perhaps one of the flyers to a colleague who is not currently a member. Maybe it will inspire them to join.
Stay Safe!
Art Hance
President, MBCEA
President, Hance Construction