Message from the President - Apr '21

President's Message,
Are you ready for Conference 2021? Have you downloaded the Whova app? Sasha, Robert Tiffin, David O’Neil, and Dave Tomchak have done a great job in creating this virtual event and making sure we have such quality content. Our Keynote will be delivered by nationally recognized journalist, best-selling author, and business owner Gene Marks CPA. Be ready for a fast-paced, entertaining and data filled presentation called: Post-Covid Opportunities and the Biden Administration: Issues, Challenges and Actions to Grow your Business. I know we all want to hear this!
We have several vendor showcases. I urge you to check them out. This is an opportunity to speak directly with suppliers, to see what is new, discuss business, make deals and redeem offers. 
In addition to our fan-favorite Round Table where we ask questions and solve problems, we have a few great sessions: Technology in Construction, IMP’s, Metal over Metal Roofing, Marketing, OSHA and attorney Josh Quinter will present Problem Solving Pandemic related Issues and Beyond. The schedule is easy and convenient. We encourage you to participate as little or as much as you are able.
I would also like to personally recognize Image Building Systems of AZ and Heimburger Construction of MO for recently achieving AC478 accreditation. Ryan Klosterman and Jen Heimburger have joined a growing number of companies committed to doing the right thing for our industry. This mark of quality is a strategic priority for the MBCEA. This program is the proof we need that we are not just a bunch of tin-knockers. 
The MBCEA recognizes that jobs, typically, go to lowest bid, which doesn’t always mean the safest, most qualified contractor. When structures fail or people get hurt during assembly, the entire industry suffers. The only way to fix this is to have a standard that specifiers can use. AC478 is that standard. AC478 is what we need to identify those players doing the right thing; that are committed to safety, training and quality. I urge all of you to consider this.
We will support your efforts in a few different ways: Jackie Meiluta provides free consultative support as you prepare to go through the process. Once accredited we have marketing pieces available which can be customized to put on your website, include in bid packages, etc. Check out this one recently created for Heimburger.
We feel so strongly about AC478 that we made it a priority in our Strategic Plan. One of my goals on becoming president was to craft a Strategic Plan. With your input and the Board’s help we have recently approved a 3-year plan that ensures we have a stable and sustainable base that continues to do exciting things for an ever-growing number of members.
Programs like AC478 are an important part of our future. As is our continued work to develop training materials we all need and can all use. Last month I shared some information on all the training programs in the works or already posted in the members area.
Another important part of our strategic plan is a recognition that we want to do more to nurture tomorrow’s leaders; that we need to invest in the professional development of our younger members. Too often the people that get involved in associations like MBCEA are us old guys!! Consider empowering your younger employees to take a role in MBCEA. Not only will it give our association the benefit of new ideas, it may be the step that engages a younger employee and motivates them to thrive in your company. We talk about how to engage the younger generations. This is one way. If you have ideas or thoughts about how to engage more young people, please drop me a line.
See you at the Conference!
Art Hance
President, MBCEA
President, Hance Construction