Equipment For Sale - Burk Erectors

For Sale,

MBCEA Member, Burk Erectors in Battlefield, MO, has the following equipment for sale. Please contact Kelly Burk at or 417-882-9040.

Portable Floor Crane… The crane cylinder has new seals. Military from Davis-Mountain AFB. I believe it was used to shuttle jet engines, thus the 4,000 lb weight capacity. New cost is $6000. Weight of crane is approximately 2,000 lb. Serial number 3803 TC-2 AG Crane

Lifting Clamps Engineered by a sitting engineer at Harmony Fabricators in Illinois. Used to erect a 240′ clear span at two picks, 120,000 lbs. There are four available, $2100 for all or $1050 for one set.

Turnbuckles….1″ turnbuckles, $65 each or $1040 for 22 3/4″ turnbuckles, $55 each or $910 for 18

Nylon Straps….These straps are new contained in a weather proof box. 4x4x4, box and straps approximately 2000+ pounds