EBS Division Manager - EDiS Company

Now Hiring,

EDiS is on the search for a new Division Manager for EDiS Building Systems – our Pre-Engineered building division. Passion for innovation, a knack for strategy, and a like of pre-engineered buildings and systems is what we need! Sound like you’re the right fit? Read on, future friend!

As the Division Manager, you’ll play a key role in both project management and strategic division growth. More than a cog in a machine (or a panel in a pre-engineered metal roof), you’re helping set the direction, collaborating on the development of goals and Division budgets. You’re also the Project Manager overseeing pre-engineered construction. (We’re happy to share more about what the project management workload looks like! Ask us in the interview.)

You’ll also lead the small but mighty EBS team members, developing, mentoring, and overseeing the team’s work. If you’re a Senior Project Manager ready to take on more, or a Managing Director who misses project management, please apply!

Your priorities will be:

  1. Assisting in the development of and leading the execution of Division goals.
  2. Managing and reporting on the division budget, forecasting reporting and sales pipeline.
  3. Planning, staffing, and supervising the work of the EBS Division.
  4. Developing and maintaining positive relationships with clients, contractors, and design teams to facilitate projects and provide opportunities for future growth.
  5. Developing project scopes of work, budgets, and schedules, that reflect the pre-engineered building materials and pricing from vendors – both independently and coordinating with EDiS Project Managers.
  6. Managing and monitoring the financial aspects of contracts and workload/manpower needs to protect the company and division’s interests. Visiting project sites on a routine basis.
  7. Maintaining a forward-looking perspective of the developments, techniques, and products in the pre-engineered building industry.


  • Reviewing and approving EBS Division purchase orders and invoices for payment.
  • Reviewing major National Parts Desk quotes over $25,000.
  • Maintaining timely, thorough, and accurate project documentation for EBS projects.
  • Maintaining and distributing Division and project reports.
  • Managing the EBS team members’ activities, providing regular feedback, development, and encouragement towards growth.

Contact Beth Press at bpress@ediscompany.com.