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As metal building systems become more finely and highly engineered, our assemblers need to keep up; to stay ahead of regulations. The AC478 accreditation program is designed to ensure our long term viability.


Accreditation is used worldwide to verify the competence of companies and organizations. It involves a formal assessment performed by a third-party (accrediting organization) to determine if a company or entity has demonstrated competence and meets specified requirements to perform specific tasks.


Accreditation focuses on the organization/company, staff qualifications, equipment, materials, procedures, policies, applicable codes, etc. It builds an internal system that is empowering.  Achieving and maintaining accreditation should improve operational efficiency and quality of end state product.


AC478 is a standard to recognize Metal Building System Assemblers that are committed to excellence. It is a standard to level the playing field and improve the end product. AC478 provides tangible proof that you have the personnel, organization, experience, knowledge, management procedures and commitment to assemble metal building systems. It is a standard to which Contractors and Erectors can aspire, be measured and held accountable.


The MBCEA, with the support of the IAS, MBMA and others, will seek to educate the industry and its influencers regarding the importance of accreditation as a quality standard in the construction of metal buildings. For more information please contact the IAS ( Please know that the MBCEA is prepared to assist members with everything from documentation to “how-to-apply”. Please see the members only area of this website or contact Jackie Meiluta.


AC478 Step by Step

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IAS Brochure AC478

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