Message from the President

Ah February – the weather, the work, the meetings!  If you are like me, this is a crazy time of the year, but I guess we all thrive on a little bit of crazy and a whole lot of hard work. Weather can certainly be challenging, please make sure you are prepared. There are tons of tips, tools and products specifically geared to working in cold weather available with a simple google. Better yet, post your favorites in our new Facebook Group and we can all learn from each other.
As you are shoveling snow, let your mind drift to Myrtle Beach – the sun, the sand, the Conference!  Come for the weather, come for the camaraderie and experience, but come!
Our Vendor Exhibit Hall is your perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with suppliers and vendors, to see what is new and ask your questions.
We have a fabulous agenda that includes:

  • Educational sessions covering topics such as Change Orders, Basic Estimating Guidelines and Building Complexities of IMP’s, Air Leakage, Structuring Your Company for effective Leadership and Succession and Daylighting without Skylights.
  • A highly relevant keynote presentation from Gene Marks called the Road the 2020: Your People, Technology and Taxes
  • A three-hour Train the Trainer boot camp led by our very own Gary T. Smith

The conference is also home to our famous, or should I say infamous, Contractor and Erector Roundtable. I like to think the Contractor and Erector Roundtables are what we do best. They represent our members helping our members. No contractor or erector needs to struggle alone when they can call on the power of the association. You will always find someone a little smarter, a little bigger, a little grayer than you, who has been where you are now. The MBCEA collectively has thousands of years of experience and best practice, and we freely share this knowledge with each other. This access to knowledge is perhaps the single most important reason for becoming a member.

As we continue to work and collaborate with the MBMA, as our conference continues to grow, it is perhaps fitting that this year we will host the Metal Construction Hall of Fame Awards Celebration. The Metal Construction Hall of Fame was founded in 2012. The goal was to recognize those individuals who have had a significant impact on the metal construction industry through their innovation, effort and leadership. Membership in the Hall of Fame is reserved for a select few, the best and brightest of us all.
We are thrilled to host the Hall of Fame at our Conference. We are humbled by the honorees. We are proud to share in their glory. Events such as this are so important for our industry. The Hall of Fame is a tangible sign to young contractors, erectors, and engineers that their efforts are worthwhile; that our industry has merit. The Hall of Fame imposes a gravitas on us all.  For more information about the Hall of Fame or to nominate a colleague, click here.

Lastly, I just want to reiterate my challenge to every member of the MBCEA to recruit one new member this year. That supplier rep who is always calling, your colleague you see at church, and your equipment rental vendor, invite them to join the MBCEA, then after you do, shoot Sasha an email with their name and address and she will follow-up with a postcard. There is strength in numbers and with your help, we should be able to double our membership this year!
Thanks and Stay Safe.
Keith Wentworth
President, MBCEA
Vice-President, Dutton & Garfield, Inc.
P.S. Registration is now open for Attendees and Exhibitors for Conference 2019: May 1-3 in Myrtle Beach, SC