Message from the President

Managing and growing business right now can certainly be a challenge. Marketing your business and
your skill sets is more important now than ever. The MBCEA has your back and it is free! Or at least
included in your membership fee.

Our website offers a searchable membership directory. This page consistently gets the most hits
each month. It is considered the “go to” page for anyone looking for a metal building contractor or erector. We regularly get calls and queries for project owners that are referred back to this page. So back to free marketing. Have you supplied Sasha with your logo to enhance your listing? Have you verified your listing is accurate, your web page link works? What about your unique characteristics?

We currently offer the following searchable fields: Accredited members, MBI Quality Assured Craftsmen, Union, Roofer, Builder, Erector, Contractor, MBMA member, and Industry member. Each of these attributes are searchable and map-able. Click this link to see my business listing to see how this works.

This link shows MBI Quality Assured Craftsmen. For those of you wondering what MBI Quality Assured Craftsmen are, these are companies who have workers who have trained and successfully passed the testing and certification by the Metal Buildings Institute – the only source for training specific to the metal building industry developed by erectors for erectors. Guess what – access to this critical training tool is also FREE to members. Testing is available for a nominal fee per module.

I would also like to remind you of our signature quality initiative – accreditation. This program was developed after a discussion at Conference about how to differentiate the good guys from the bad. We are all frustrated by the low bid contractor who does shoddy work and makes us all look bad. We have been fighting this battle for years and accreditation is the answer. Accreditation is the only way to prove your worth, to have demonstrable proof that you are committed to Training, Safety and Quality. More and more projects are being specified with AC478 erector required. Don’t be left out, pursue this today. Guess what? MBCEA provides free consultative support to help you achieve this quality mark.

In closing, I know that 2020 has been a challenging year. Thankfully, the MBCEA was in strong financial shape when the year started and continues to thrive. I wish the same for each of you.


Stay Safe!

Art Hance
President, MBCEA
President, Hance Construction