Message from the President

When I took over as President I was handed a thriving association with solid finances, an engaged active membership, a staff that handles our affairs in a professional and caring manner all during the best economy we have ever seen. How tough could this job be?

Well, that was then and this is now. We have been hit with a pandemic of proportions not seen in 100 years requiring us to cancel our national conference and develop completely new ways to deliver the tools and knowledge you need. Our economy has been devastated with record unemployment developing in just 60 days while many of us had full backlogs shrink overnight. Some of us lost loved ones or friends to the pandemic.

And now, we face another challenge. My position as President is not to be political and some of my messages have been met both positively and negatively as I’m sure this one will. As your President I feel I must comment on the issues that are tearing our country apart. I will do it stating what I myself will do and ask only that each of you look inside and make decisions on what you should do.

I must search myself for any signs of racism and admit them. I must stand up against the racist jokes and slurs that might come my way thru social media or direct contact. I must recognize that some of my deepest beliefs might require reassessment and be willing to admit if they do. I must reach out to those whose opinions and outlooks differ from mine and be more accepting of them. By these steps I hope to do my part to help our country heal.

To all the Fathers, I wish you a happy Father’s Day.

To a better tomorrow,


Arthur E. Hance
Hance Construction
President, MBCEA