Member Testimonials

My first reason for joining was the opportunity for mentoring. I’ve learned a wealth of information from many skilled people that I apply every day in my business. Second reason for joining was access to training for my men and myself. These opportunities have led to our Apprenticeship Program and AC478. I tell other erectors that the amount I’ve gained in knowledge, guidance and opportunities far exceeds the incredibly small amount we pay in dues.

– Steve Moore, MMS Northeast

I join an association based on what I can get out of it. I want to be in a group that helps me improve my processes and profitability. The MBCEA is an organization that puts metal building contractors and erectors in touch with their national peer group. They provide extensive training capabilities through MBI and provide valuable assistance with the AC478 certification. The yearly meetings allow builders and erectors to visit with vendors who provide materials and equipment used in our industry. Members can find erectors or put themselves out to bid on the MBCEA website.

– Jennifer Heimburger, Heimburger Construction

My first exposure to the MBCEA was at METALCON years ago when we purchased two sets of the training DVDs that the entire sales force was forced to watch and pass the quizzes. I was impressed that the MBCEA offered training tools like this that not only educated the erectors, but also the suppliers. The trainings offered by the chapters at the local level is a huge asset to both erectors and suppliers.

The advantage as a supplier/manufacturer is the direct exposure to the people that use our product. We get valuable first-hand feedback on what works and what doesn’t. Not to mention, the creative ideas on ways to innovate new products that help with the building assembly process.

The MBCEA is one of the most unique associations I belong to. At the National Conference and the local chapter level the association brings competitors together to help them network to share ideas and even share jobs that may be larger than one erector can handle. The emails that are sent out to all members to announce available crews looking for work and conversely builders that need additional crews show the strength of the association by using positive networking to benefit the industry.

– Andy Lee, SFS Group