Looking for Erectors

Welding Crew Needed – NW Indiana – Posted 12/31/19
MBCEA member, Scapino Steel Erectors Inc. has an immediate need for a welding crew to weld in bridging on a joist job PEMB in Northwest Indiana. All bridging is in place.
Please contact:
John Scapino
Scapino Steel Erectors Inc.

Renovation Project Available – San Diego, CA – Posted 12/31/19

MBCEA member, S&S Structures has a good national CM client who is performing renovation work to an older PEMB in San Diego, Ca.

The work includes:
• Demo work to replace/add overhead door openings
• Fabrication of new HSS tube column door jambs
• Furnish & Install of panels, trims, and misc. materials
• Possible other misc. work

Are there any members in the So Cal area who would be interested? This is an Open Shop project. Please contact Tim Seyler directly with interest at (610) 944- 9956.

Erector needed for project in South Bend, IN – Posted 12/27/19
MBCEA member, J. Shoffner General Contractor, Inc. is looking for an erector for the following:
• 125’x418’x26’10” eave height pre-engineered Nucor building in South Bend, Indiana
• The building is to be delivered towards the end of February 2020.
• The sheeting, roof, crane, and mezzanine would need to be completed by mid-June.
• Interested companies can contact Patricia Parks for drawings at office@jshoffner.com or call 219-324-3728 and ask for Patricia or Ben Shoffner.

Erection Crew Needed – Owatonna, MN – Posted 12/12/19
MBCEA member, Met-Con Construction is in the middle of erecting a 150,000 square foot Butler Building in Owatonna, MN. They are looking for a crew experienced in MR-24 roofing installation. Job is ready to start immediately. Contact Scott Brown at scott.brown@met-con.com or 507-333-1116 for more information.

Welding Crew Needed – Springfield, MO – Posted 11/21/19

Fellow member, Crossland Construction is in immediate need of a welding crew on a railroad job in Springfield, Missouri. They need to be D1.5 weld certified. The job will last approximately four weeks. Please contact Wade Evans at 620-202-2568.

Erection Crew Needed – Michigan – Posted 11/18/19

MBCEA member, Fedak Corporation is looking for an erection crew to erect a 53,000 Sf indoor athletic complex in Michigan. Erection would start Dec. 16, 2019. The structure is approx.. 175’ by 315’. 175’ Clearspan. Please contact Hugh Jenkins at 989-921-9785 or hugh@fedakcorporation.com for access to the construction drawings and additional information.

Looking for erector – Stewartville, MN – Posted 11/14/19
MBCEA member, A.B. Systems has a project in Stewartville, MN that they would consider hiring out portions of the work. It’s a 64,000 sf Varco Pruden building. They will be ready to set steel within a week or so. They would consider bids on – steel erection, roof cover, and wall cover. This building has metal wall and roof liner that they planned to install. Please contact Shaun Knode at 507-529-2306 or shknode@absystemsinc.net.

Looking for temporary erection employees – CA – Posted 11/6/19

S.L. Shaw Company, Inc. has a project coming up in California that will need some metal building professionals for sheeting on an ABC building.  The timeframe is about November 4 through mid-December. Then again in February to March. The job requires that the workers go through their company, so they can’t subcontract a portion of the work.  What they are wondering, if a company has these type employees and they are not being kept busy, would they consider “loaning” them for this project, knowing they will go back to them when they need them back?  They have done this before and it works, for example, they don’t want to lay people off, so they find them someplace to work for the time being.  If you can fill the need please contact:

Lee Shaw
S.L. Shaw Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 67
Bakersfield, CA  93302