Core Rigging & Crane Signal Person Training

Presented by Craig Shaffer, SafetyWorks

Friday, February 15, 2019, 8:30am – 4:30pm

Using good equipment – and using it properly – are part of the foundation of safety on a jobsite.  This is particularly critical in activities that make use ofrigging to hoist and suspend loads.  Add to that the major changes to OSHA enforcement of crane & rigging operations with the rollout of their 2010 crane standard, which includes provisions for qualified riggers and qualified signalpersons among the standard’s many requirements.

This course identifies common rigging equipment and instructs the attendee on its proper inspection, as well as safe use, and limitations.  It also includes crane signalperson training.  Topics will include:

  • Rigging & signaling requirements in OSHA’s crane standard
  • Rigging-related causes of death/damage
  • Basic concepts – determining load weight & center of gravity; working load limits; diameter of curvature; inspection requirements
  • Sling selection & inspection – types of alloy steel chain/wire rope/synthetic web slings; ID tag information; factors affecting capacity; design standards; limitations; inspection criteria
  • Hitches – vertical/basket/choker; effects of angles on sling tension; reading capacity charts
  • Rigging hardware proper use, limitations, & inspection – shackles; eye bolts & swivel bolts; hooks; wire rope clips
  • Mechanical advantage – parts of line; pull force; total system loading; angular pulls
  • Lift planning and safe rigging practices
  • Crane signaling – standard method hand signals & verbal/voice signaling

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