AC478 is a standard to recognize Metal Building System Assemblers that are committed to excellence. It is a standard to level the playing field and improve the end product. AC478 provides tangible proof that you have the personnel, organization, experience, knowledge, management procedures and commitment to assemble metal building systems. It is a standard to which Contractors and Erectors can aspire, be measured and held accountable. The AC478 accreditation program is designed to ensure our long term viability.

Who is eligible? The program is open to contractors and erectors that are substantially engaged in the metal Building Industry. You do not need to be a member of the MBCEA to apply however; MBCEA members receive free consultative support and templated documents.

What is required? If you are a member of the MBCEA you are probably already doing everything required, maybe just need some help with documentation. Examples of required documentation: Management system, Standard Operating Procedures, Training Program, Safety Program,  and Job-site specific Safety Plans.


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