The Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Metal Building Contractors & Erectors Association is accepting applications for the award of a scholarship or scholarships to qualifying applicants based on the following guidelines.

The Scholarship Fund

             The Mid-Atlantic Chapter of MBCEA prides itself on educating and training workers in the metal building industry in a way that makes them more productive and promotes safety in the workplace.  In order to further this stated objective, the chapter shall establish, by authority of the Board of Directors, a scholarship fund which shall be used to further the education of individuals in the metal construction industry.  That fund shall consist of a $3,000 contribution from the chapter’s operating account.  The amount of the scholarship fund may be revised from time to time by majority vote of the Board of Directors.

 Scholarship Recipient and Use

             Because the scholarship to be awarded through this program is designed to achieve the chapter’s goals of promoting the industry, including training a smarter and safer work force, emphasis shall be placed (although not exclusively) on funding for tuition or training relevant to the metal construction industry.  There shall be no age, gender, membership, or other limitations.  One or multiple scholarships may be awarded up to a maximum of $3,000 in the aggregate in any one year.  There shall be no requirement that all the scholarship money be awarded in any one year.  In years where the award is less than that which is available, the unused amounts shall be deposited back into the scholarship fund for use in subsequent years.

 Qualifications for the Scholarship

             The scholarship shall be awarded on a merit basis by a committee of 5 members of the Board of Directors based on applications submitted to the committee.  Candidates shall be judged on the following criteria:

(1)   A completed Application submitted to the Chapter;

(2)   Copies of transcripts from the most recent educational institution attended (HS, college, etc.);

(3)   A current resume from the applicant;

(4)   Membership status with MBCEA; and

(5)   A letter from the applicant outlining the use to which the scholarship would be put, the long term goals of the applicant and how the scholarship would help with these goals, and any other pertinent information the applicant believes the committee should consider, including extenuating circumstances and financial need.

The selection committee may also request an interview at its discretion.


Process of Award of Scholarship

             Unless otherwise set by the Board of Directors for the chapter, applications for the scholarship shall be submitted on or before April 1st and October 15th of each year.  The committee shall select and announce recipients of the scholarship no later than June 15th and December 15th of the same year.

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